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Meet OUR Staff

A School is not the buildings; it’s the people, our interactions, our decisions, how we respond to one another, and the way we set about doing things. Epsom and Ewell High School is a school where people matter, and we are always there for you, however hard the journey.

Our teaching staff have put together a video to help you get to know them. In this video you will meet the heads of department and their team of teachers, find out what you will be learning in year 7 and also be given some tasks to help you prepare for secondary school.

Our departments

Head of year

A head of year is responsible for the pastoral care of the students in the year group. This means that behaviour, safeguarding and attendance issues all come under their remit. Therefore, a head of year has much more contact with parents than, say, a head of department would.

Form tutor

A form tutor’s role is central in both caring for students and, crucially, monitoring their progress both academically and socially; encouraging involvement, commitment, and high standards of work and behaviour. The form tutor should be active in looking after the interests of the “whole child” and reports directly to the head of year.

The Wave support team

Our students’ mental health and wellbeing are of paramount importance at Epsom and Ewell High School. EEHS is a place where pupils are not only encouraged to flourish academically but are also supported throughout all of the challenges of their adolescent lives.

We offer our students a diverse range of both internal and external services in the form of counselling, mentoring, PSHE lessons, school nurse appointments and pupil and teacher led support groups. All of these services are available to every single child via our mental health and wellbeing hub known as ‘The Wave’. The Wave is open every day from 8am until 4pm and throughout break and lunch. It is a vital part of our school and a safe space for all pupils no matter what challenges they are facing.

The SEND support team

A SENCo is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school's SEN policy. All mainstream schools must appoint a teacher to be their SENCo. The SENCo will co-ordinate additional support for pupils with SEN and liaise with their parents, teachers and other professionals who are involved with them.

The role of the SENCo is crucial in supporting early identification and intervention for children with special educational needs and will be a useful contact for parent/carers who have any concerns about their child’s development.

Attendance mentor

Our attendance mentor works at school to support families who may be experiencing a range of issues which may have an effect on a students attendance. The attendance mentor works with all our other support teams to ensure that students come to school happy and ready to learn.

Our prefects and junior leadership team (JLT)

The JLT is led by prefects from the sixth form. This year there were over 70 members representing all year groups and subgroups. Students plan, organise and run their own projects inspired by what they feel the school or community needs.‚Äč There are 4 students teams:

  • Learning
  • Sport
  • Community
  • Wellbeing

The outtakes video!

At Epsom and Ewell High School we are a family. We genuinely believe in people being genuine and approachable and that the human touch is what makes our community. We are sorry you can't get to feel this in person this year and so we have tried our best using this website to bring it to you. We don't always get it right as we are human, (as some of these outtakes prove!) but we will do our best to listen.


I soon found out how supportive and kind the teachers are and through the years of me being at school they have helped me so much.